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At Williams Dental Care, we provide comprehensive dental care in a warm, welcoming environment. Whether you’re looking for a reliable family dentist to perform regular checkups or are seeking a restorative treatment, Dr. Mandeep Kaur and Dr. Ida Varghese are here for you. We want to help you maintain your best smile for many years to come. Get in touch with our friendly team in Cypress today to schedule your appointment!


Gentle Dentistry for Young Kids

young boy getting a dental checkupWe want your child’s visit to be as relaxing, comfortable, and stress-free as possible. Throughout our cleanings and treatments, we work to build a bond of trust with your kid and help them feel at home in our office. When it comes to young children, our primary focus is on creating a foundation of good dental care and hygiene. We perform dental cleanings to keep your child’s teeth and gums healthy and apply fluorides and sealants to reduce the risk of cavities.

Our dentists keep a careful eye on your child’s development for any signs that they may need orthodontic treatments. Should your child show signs of a misaligned bite or crooked teeth, we can refer you to a trusted orthodontic specialist.

Creating a Stable Dental Foundation for Teenagers

It’s crucial for your child to visit our practice regularly for dental checkups and exams as they enter their teenage years. During visits, our family dentists teach your teen the best habits and methods to use to keep their smile healthy. We also offer Invisalign® treatments and wisdom teeth extractions to optimize the alignment and structure of your teen’s smile.

Invisalign: If your teen has mild-to-moderate alignment issues, we offer Invisalign® treatments for responsible young adults. Invisalign shifts your teeth into place over time through a series of clear plastic aligners. The plastic trays use carefully calculated pressure to move the teeth into alignment without any bulky or uncomfortable dental hardware. It’s essential that your teen wears their aligners daily for the recommended length of time, so the treatment has lasting results.

Wisdom Teeth Extractions: If your teen’s wisdom teeth are impacted, partially erupted, or causing crowding, our practice provides careful extractions. We have a specialist visit the office to perform the procedure, providing you with the optimal experience. IV sedation is used to make the extraction process smooth and stress-free.

What Do Cleanings & Exams Include?

close up of dental x-rayWhen you or a family member visits Williams Dental Care for a checkup, you can trust that you’ll receive a comprehensive and thorough cleaning. Our experienced hygienists begin by carefully examining your mouth for any signs of inflammation in your gums or other concerns. They then remove any plaque and tartar that’s built up on your teeth. Doing so preserves your gums and teeth and maintains the aesthetics of your smile.

We take digital and panoramic x-rays to monitor your dental development and keep an eye on the structure, stability, and alignment of your teeth. Our dentists also keep digital charts that allow us to observe any changes that occur between visits.

Taking Care of Your Smile as an Adult

As you age into adulthood, we can help protect and revitalize your unique smile. In addition to offering dental cleanings, we can provide you with:

  • Dental crowns to restore damaged teeth to their original size, shape, and functionality
  • Dental bridges to efficiently fill substantial gaps in your smile with natural-looking replacement teeth
  • Implant-supported restorations to replace one or more missing teeth with permanent, high-quality prosthetics
  • Root canal therapy to restore infected or decayed teeth by removing infected tissue from inside the afflicted tooth
  • Careful extractions to remove extremely decayed or infected teeth that cannot be restored or saved with root canal therapy 
  • Occlusal mouthguards to alleviate the symptoms of Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, which includes a variety of jaw disorders
  • Bruxism nightguards to prevent wear on your teeth due to clenching or grinding in your sleep

What if Visiting the Dentist Makes Me Nervous?

We understand that a dentist’s office visit can be incredibly stressful or frightening for many people. Our team strives to always provide a welcoming environment for you and your family members. Should you have any questions regarding our treatments, we are happy to answer them and set your mind at ease.

If it would benefit you or your loved one, we offer nitrous and oral sedation options. These sedation methods allow you to have a safe, relaxed experience. We can also provide IV sedation when scheduled ahead of time, administered by a qualified provider brought into our office for your treatment. Our family dentists can explain these options in more detail and help you make informed choices that benefit your dental well-being.

Family Dentistry for Seniors

Senior couple sitting outdoorsContrary to what you may believe, losing teeth is not inevitable as you grow older. By maintaining your dental hygiene and visiting our family dental practice regularly, you can protect your gums and teeth.

A primary cause of tooth loss is gum disease, which heavily impacts American seniors. If you or a family member suffer from gum disease, we offer a treatment called scaling and root planing. This two-step process allows us to get your periodontal disease under control and restore your gumline. We begin by removing harmful bacteria and plaque from your teeth. We then perform planing by smoothing exposed tooth roots to reduce the risk of recurring infections.

Our gum disease treatments include applications of the antibiotic Arestin, which helps kill harmful bacteria in your mouth. Should you have a more severe case, we refer you to an experienced periodontist to get you the advanced care you deserve.

Quickly Addressing Dental Emergencies

Unexpected dental emergencies can be scary and hard to handle. Our practice offers emergency hours to promptly address your situation and take care of your smile. Dental emergencies come in many forms but may include:

  • Lost or dislodged teeth
  • Substantial bleeding from the gums
  • A lost or broken restoration
  • An abscess on your gums
  • Severe tooth pain

If you believe that you or a loved one is suffering from a dental emergency, call us as quickly as possible to schedule an appointment with our experienced team.

Your Trustworthy Cypress Family Dentists

Whether you need to undergo root canal therapy or a family member requires a cosmetic treatment, our dentists have the skillset and expertise to assist you. Dr. Kaur and Dr. Varghese are excited to preserve your smile for many years to come. Contact Williams Dental Care in Cypress today. We’re excited to meet you!


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