Root Canal, Cypress TX

When a tooth has been severely damaged, a root canal procedure may be the best option to save the tooth. Although the procedure may carry a negative stigma, it can often treat severe tooth pain and other oral health issues in the most direct way.

More technically referred to as an endodontic treatment or endodontic therapy, a root canal involves the removal of the soft tissue from inside a tooth. This tissue can become inflamed or infected through a tooth injury or decay, leading to serious pain. In addition to severe tooth pain, root canal symptoms can include a sensitivity to hot or cold food, swelling, and abscess. These can signal the need for a root canal, and even an emergency root canal in extreme cases.

Although the root canal process can seem intimidating, we are dedicated to making every patient feel as comfortable and confident as possible.

Root Canal Process

  • Anesthetic is applied to the affected area
  • The tooth is isolated with a "dental dam" that keep the tooth protected during the procedure
  • The top of the tooth is opened and tissue is removed
  • The remaining root canal is medicated and filled with biocompatible material
  • The tooth is closed with either a temporary filling or a permanent covering such as a crown

After the process is complete, you can report to your dentist during your root canal recovery to track the healing process.

Root Canal Doctor in Cypress, Texas

With over three decades of experience as a dentist, Dr. Williams has performed many successful root canals for patients throughout the Cypress area. At Williams Dental Care, we want to minimize the stress of a root canal procedure, and we strive to keep patients informed and comfortable during their visit. If you’re experiencing tooth pain or think you may need a root canal, schedule your consultation appointment with Williams Dental Care today.